How do I cancel a placement that has already been assigned? 


Placement assignments can be canceled from the Assigned Placements page. 

  • Click Assigned Requests in the left-hand menu.
  • Requests for the current Rotation Period are displayed automatically. Select a different Rotation Period from the dropdown to toggle between Rotation Periods. You can view details for assigned placements and read any associated provider or school comments.
  • Click the Export to Excel link to create a report view of this table. 

  • To undo an assignment and assign a different availability, click the Reassign button. The request will go back into a pending status, and you will be taken back to the Placement Request Details page to reassign. If the start date/end dates are in the past, the Reassign button will be disabled. 

  • To cancel an assignment completely, click the Cancel button in the Actions column. Review your request details, making sure to select a reason for cancellation. The request will be moved to the Closed Requests page.  If the start date/end dates are in the past, the Cancel button will be disabled.