The process of requesting a nursing preceptor placement is very similar to making a nursing cohort or Allied Health placement. 

Making a New Preceptor Request

  1. Select New Request from the left-hand menu.

    New Request

  2. Under Placement Type, select Nursing Preceptor. 


  3. The placement request form will now display fields particular to preceptor placements.

    Preceptor fields

  4. Fill out the information about your students and then select days available for placement, shifts, and preferred departments

    Hold down the “control” key to select multiple departments.

    Select days and shifts

  5. Providers that have availability matching your needs will appear to the right of the Preferred Departments section.

    Not seeing the providers you expected? Open your search parameters by selecting additional days and shifts.

    Matching providers

  6. Select one or more providers and click Review Request, then review your information and click Submit Request.

  7. If you have multiple Preceptors to schedule for a course, select Create Another  prior to clicking the Submit Request button. CCPS will copy over all placement request details into a new precepetor placement request form to ease the process of creating the next placement request.

Tracking and Managing Preceptor Requests 

  1. Preceptor requests are managed along with all other types of placement requests. 
  2. Track placement requests in all statuses (pending, assigned, or closed) by selecting Placement Requests from the left-hand menu. From this page you can copy, view details, or withdraw requests. 
  3. To see only assigned requests, select Assigned Requests from the menu. From this page you can withdraw an assigned placement.