The Historical Placement request process saves coordinators time by allowing them to quickly request the same placements as prior years. 

In CCPS a historical placement is a placement that is the exact same as an assignment from a previous placement cycle. That means the same time frame, provider site, unit location, shift and day(s) of week.

  1. Select Historical Placements from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select a Rotation Period to see results. For example, if you are scheduling for Summer 2019, you would select the Summer 2018 Rotation Period

    Click the Export to Excel link to create a report view of the Historical Placement table. 

  3. To start a request, click the Copy button in the Actions column. Please note that this button will only be available if the selected Rotation Period is available for scheduling.

  4. You will be taken to the Historical Placement Request form. Most of the information from the previous placement request will be copied over to the new form and editing will not be available. You can edit details about your student/s, instructor, and dates on unit.


  5. Click Review Request, then review your information and click Submit Request.