The process of viewing, assigning, and managing your preceptor placement requests is similar to managing other types of placement requests, but CCPS also allows you to enter new availabilities to match specific preceptor placement requests at the time they are received. 

Viewing Pending Preceptor Requests

  1. Select Pending Requests from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select the Rotation Period you would like to review requests for. Under Rotation Type, select Nursing Preceptor. Optional: filter by school and/or department. Click "Show Results" to display your requests. Create a Pending Preceptor Request Report by clicking on the Export to Excel link.

  3. Preceptor placements are noted by the blue label in the Type column. Select Details in the Actions column to handle a specific request.

Assigning or Declining a Preceptor Request

  • This process is identical to assigning or declining other types of placement requests. Review details provided by the school, then select one or more shifts to assign by selecting a checkbox in the corresponding day of the week column. Scroll to the bottom and click Review to proceed with the assignment. If you can't fulfill the request, click Decline at the bottom of the page.
    Review and Assign

Adding New Preceptor Availability

  1. If you don't see availability you would like to assign to the student, you can create new availability. Click the Create New Availability link above the data table. Note the Request ID located at the top of the page so you can easily find the request after creating new availability.

  2. Add a new availability to an existing location by clicking the Availabilities button in the Actions column or the number label in the Availabilities column.
    Select Location

  3. Fill out details about your availability, making sure to select Nursing Preceptor under Rotation Type. The fields below will be specific to preceptor placements. Select Save at the bottom of the page to proceed.

    Preceptor form

  4. Return to the Pending Requests page by clicking the link in the left-hand menu. Find the preceptor request you were working on (you can type the Request ID in the Search box) and click the Details button again. Find the availability you just created and select the shift you would like to assign to the student, then click Assign at the bottom of the page.

    Select shift

  5. If you require the student to have an interview prior to placement, select the Interview Required checkbox.
  6. Review your assignment and click Assign Placement to complete the assignment.

Managing Preceptor Placements

Preceptor placements are tracked along with other types of placement requests. To manage assigned or closed preceptor placements, select either Assigned Requests or Closed Requests from the left-hand menu.

Exporting Preceptor Placement Data

  1. To generate a report of all preceptor placements at your site, select Reports from the left-hand menu, and then select View Calendar in the Placement Calendar box.