Reviewing and assigning historical placement requests is similar to the process of working with other types of placement requests. CCPS filters allow you to easily prioritize working with historical requests.

Reviewing and Assigning Historical Placements

  1. Select Pending Requests from the left-hand menu. The information in the table will default to the current Rotation Period. Historical placements are noted by a brown label in the Type column. 

  2. To see only historical placements, select the Historical Only radio button and click Show Results.  Click the Export to Excel link to create a report view of this table.

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Managing Assigned or Closed Historical Requests 

  1. Historical requests can be tracked along with all other requests. Select either Assigned Requests or Closed Requests from the left-hand menu. Look for the brown Historical label in the Type column on either page. 

  2. Perform actions on historical requests, such as reassigning or canceling, using the buttons in the Actions column of the Assigned Requests page.