• Select Pending Requests from the left-hand menu to see placement requests that have not been processed yet. Requests from the current Rotation Period display automatically; use the Rotation Period dropdown to see requests for other Rotation Periods. Optional: Filter requests by School, Department, or Rotation Type. 
  • After you make your selections, click Show Results. Then click Details to review the request.

  • From the Placement Request Details page, review the information about the student cohort, type of placement requested, preferred days/shifts and school comments.

  • Best matches: This is the default setting for the page. It creates a grid view of availability that matches the preferred department types selected for the placement request. Availability slots that meet the school’s request exactly will be highlighted in green. Click the "Show All" radio button too expand the grid view to display all availability at your site.  

  • Other options: Selecting the "Allow Overlap" radio button will allow you to view and assign availabilities that have previously been assigned. Once you select "Allow Overlap", these slots will be selectable and will display in orange to alert you that assigning the slot will result in an overlap. An overlap warning message will also display on the confirmation screen. This is an optional function and the page will default to “No Overlap”. In CCPS an overlap is when more than one cohort group is allowed on a unit at the same time. 

  • Once you are ready to assign an availability: Select days of week and shift checkboxes to assign students to an availability. In the Number of Students Assigned column, the number in the text box shows how many students each availability can accommodate. To adjust the number of students assigned to an availability, type the number in the box or use the plus/minus buttons.

 Select Shift

  • Click Assign at the bottom of the page. Review your assignment and then click Assign Placement to proceed.


  • To view all of your assigned requests, select the Assigned Requests link from the left-hand menu.


  • You can generate a report of this data by clicking Export to Excel. 

    Assigned export