In CCPS schools will enter a listing of their affiliated providers. Providers will be asked to validate the affiliation agreement. Once the Affiliation Agreement is validated the school will be allowed to request placements with the particular provider site. 

The Affiliation Agreement function in CCPS does not replace the need for a school to have an active affiliation contract with a provider site. 

An affiliation agreement must be in an approved status before a school can submit placement requests. 

Manage and Approve Agreements

  1. Click Affiliation Agreements in the left-hand menu.

  2. In the Approved column, you can see the status of your agreements. If you see an unchecked box, the agreement is not active. Click the checkbox to approve the agreement.

Suspend or Delete Agreements

  1. To temporarily suspend an agreement, uncheck the box in the Approved column.

  2. To delete completely, select Delete in the Actions column.